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QSO Today Podcast - Interviews with the leaders in amateur radio

Dec 26, 2015

Alan Wolke, W2AEW, is a master mentor and elmer who uses YouTube to produce and share his electronic and ham radio educational videos. This is in addition to being a an active ham, volunteer examiner, and advisor to the “maker movement” of things.  He his Eric, 4Z1UG’s, guest on QSO Today.

Dec 19, 2015

Bob Heil, K9EID, is no stranger to ham radio, as a pioneer in audio systems, not only for the rock and roll stars in the 60’s and 70’s, but for ham radio as well. As the founder of Heil Sound, Bob’s injection of audio experience and know how has raised the bar of what is acceptable for good sounding voice...

Dec 12, 2015

HF digital modes are synonymous with Murray Greenman, ZL1BPU, creator of MFSK, WSQ, DominoEX, MFSK16, FSK-Hell and S/MT-Hell, and most recently FSQ.  Murray is a ham’s ham, who creates, contributes, and shares in exhaustive detail the developments and discoveries that he has made during his 49 years in amateur radio....

Dec 5, 2015

Bill Tippett, W4ZV’s ham radio journey is a series of firsts. He was the first USA Novice licensee to achieve DXCC, first teenager to achieve DXCC Honor Roll, first 160 meter DXCC from “0” land, and the first amateur operator Worldwide to work 300 DXCC countries on 160 meters. Bill shares his ham radio story with...