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QSO Today Podcast - Interviews with the leaders in amateur radio

Jun 23, 2023

Jeff Murray, K1NSS, draws cartoons and tells stories about ham radio and the people who use it. He shares his funny pictures and tales on his website, Like many cartoonists, Jeff makes ham radio social commentary using Dash the dog, to poke fun at amateur radio and us.  K1NSS is my QSO Today.

Jun 17, 2023

Ed Tipler, WI6RE, began his ham radio journey on a rural farm in Washington State, and ultimately landed an engineering job at the China Lake Navel Weapons Test Range in California’s Mojave Desert. Ed continues to serve his community of Ridgecrest with both commercial and amateur radio services connected by IRLP...

Jun 10, 2023

Bob Hopkins, WB2UDC, agrees that having an elmer was the fastest way to ham radio success, and being an elmer and paying it forward benefits everyone including the elmer, the new ham, and the hobby.  WB2UDC loves to make large public demonstrations for kids by making contacts to the ISS, the International Space Station,...

Jun 3, 2023

Chris Cancilla W4CEC is a relatively new ham, and has a long history in the Boy Scouts, especially teaching the radio merit badge, Jamboree on the Air, and training young scouts to eventually become amateurs themselves. Chris is also a professional Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI expert and a seasoned author of...