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Bernie van der Walt, ZS4TX, is a South African ham for many years.  He loves to contest on HF, and operates two remote control EME or Moon bounce stations on two and six meters away from the noise pollution of his residential neighborhood. We discuss these subjects and more on this episode of QSO Today.

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Mitch Gill, NA7US is the New editor of QRP Quarterly Magazine, the official journal of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International  and a former columnist for both Popular Communications and CQ VHF.  Mitch has a love for all things amateur radio and is now retired from active military service where he operated at YI9TU in Iraq.  Mitch tells this story and more in this QSO Today.

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Tomas Hood, NW7US is the propagation editor of a number of shortwave and amateur radio magazines, and has a wide variety of websites,  that grew out of his love for all things radio, and  for listening on the bands to far off DX and commercial broadcast stations. Tomas shares his understanding  of propagation and the lessons we can learn from listening, really listening to the QSOs and exchanges during contest operation.

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My guest this week is Geoff Howard, W0CG / PJ2DX, who operates along with his ham friends the P2JT contest station in a villa on a cliff overlooking the sea in Curacao. Geoff shares his ham radio story and the history of P2JT in this QSO Today.

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