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Ron Gang, 4X1MK, had his early amateur radio beginnings in Canada, and later immigrated, as part of a group, to Israel in the 1970s where his amateur radio license, skills, and equipment were highly appreciated.  Always an active amateur radio operator, 4X1MK is willing to try every operating mode. Ron shares his amateur radio story and his perspective of amateur radio in Israel, past and present.

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Dennis Vernacchia, N6KI, was an active ham who was drafted by the US Army and sent to Vietnam at the height of the war in the late sixties.  This is an amateur radio story where Army MARS, ham radio, and the skills acquired from the hobby literally saved his life.  This situation and his relationship with a later prominent television comedian brought relief and comfort to American soldiers serving in Vietnam and their families.  Dennis is an active contester and tells the rest of his story in this QSO Today.

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Inspired by one of his home brew elmers, Jim Garland, W8ZR, uses his electronics and metal fabrication workbench to create beautiful ham radio projects (a few displayed in QST magazine)  and to restore old vintage boat anchor transmitters and receivers that he rotates through his three operating positions at his QTH in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Jim tells his ham radio story in this QSO Today.

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Israel’s most notable amateur radio operator might just be Dov Gavish, 4Z4DX.  First licensed in Israel with his dad over fifty years ago, Dov has made a career of operating from wherever he happens to be in the World, always ready to get on the air.  While CW is is favorite operating mode, Dov just likes to get on the air with whatever mode works, including DMR.  4Z4DX is Eric’s guest on this QSO Today.

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