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If you wanted to operate two meter EME or “moon bounce”, then you're Elmer should be Howard Sherer, AE3T, who has made over 700 contacts with a modest station and antenna array. Howard discusses his ham radio journey, travel and ham radio, and EME, with Eric, 4Z1UG,  on this episode of QSO Today.


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When it comes to hams making their own kind of music, one has to think of Don Huff, W6JL, who notes on his QRZ page that people who make things are happier than those who buy them. Don operates a completely modular home-brew HF station and power amplifier that is continuously variable in output power from 50 mw to 550 watts. Don loves to rag chew and share, and this is why he is Eric, 4Z1UG’s guest on QSO Today.

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According to Nick Kennedy, WA5BDU, we live in the “golden age” of home brewing in amateur radio. Nick explains how this golden age is possible, what he does with a former AT&T long-lines microwave site, and highlights his amateur radio journey, with Eric, 4Z1UG, on QSO Today.

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If you want to meet a ham that works every contest and operates every mode, from 160 meters to 1296 Mhz, then John Thompson, K3MD, would come to mind. With over 350,000 contacts in his logbook since 1991, John is just a guy that loves operating, especially contests. At the same time, he collects classic rigs, writes articles, and mentors hams, and is active in many ham organizations. John joins Eric, 4Z1UG, in this week's QSO Today.

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