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QSO Today Podcast - Interviews with the leaders in amateur radio

Oct 1, 2022

Lauren Libby, W0LD, was my guest on the QSO Today podcast, five years ago this month, and because of a confluence of events including the ham expo and the holidays of the Jewish new year, I decided this week to go back into the QSO Today catalog and remaster an amazing interview I had with Lauren.  What’s more, I got to meet Lauen in person at the Dayton Hamvention last May helping me to better choose the now remastered episode of Episode 161.  Lauren’s love of radio broadcasting brought him to amateur radio, his interest in DXing by meteor scatter and EME moon bounce.  Lauren made his career in radio broadcasting and is the CEO of the World’s largest International shortwave broadcasting network.  W0LD is my QSO Today.