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Join Eric, 4Z1UG, in his QSO with Arie Kliengold, PA3A on QSO Today.  Arie discusses his early beginnings in radio as a Merchant Marine radio operator and how he went on to do DXpeditions in Africa in conjunction with Mercy Ships, hospital ships that bring advanced medical care to Africa. 

See the show notes at www.qsotoday.com/podcasts/pa3a


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This is the first podicast of the new QSO Today weekly program where Amateur Radio operators are interviewed by Eric, 4Z1UG. Our audience are prospective, new, and returning members of the ham radio community who wish to learn more about the hobby though conversations, or QSOs, with experienced hams.  The goal of the podcast is to introduce the wide range of ham radio options by experts in these areas. 

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